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Animal domain UDRPs

2011 September 15
by Nat  – transfer denied  New Pig Corporation vs. Adam Dicker – transfer denied  Admiral Insurance vs. Adam Dicker

Funny thing is both pig and elephant offered money, then went to udrp and I won both of those UDRP’s, then they came back with better offers.

Adam – dispute terminated, later transferred – domain transferred – domain transferred     TheDomains write-up (young swan) – transfer denied  owned at the time by Telepathy – transfer denied – transfer denied    (thanks to the tip from M in the comments) – vs. – transfer denied (and – Dutch spelling)  domain transferred – (STOP procedure) – domain transferred  Complainant, New Pig Corporation, is the same Complainant in the UDRP for above. (STOP procedure) – transfer denied – withdrawn

(last five all thanks to Peter Müller of

Usually when a Complainant loses a UDRP, the domain owner never hears from them again.  These animal domain disputes are unusual, as in several cases the Complainant wound up purchasing the domain from the domain owner after filing the UDRP.  Adam sold and to the respective Complainants.  I sold to the Complainant (the only time a Complainant has contacted me about buying a domain after losing a UDRP).  And the Miami Dolphins terminated their UDRP but somehow still wound up with

Do you know of any other animal domain UDRPs?


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  1. September 15, 2011

    Nat – you are right on about how one usually never hears from Complainants after they lose a UDRP…..I have found that to be true time and time again after UDRP’s…Strange…

    • Nat permalink*
      September 16, 2011


      It seems that the companies who want these animal domains have to have them – and will get them by hook or by crook. Even if it means coming back to the domain owner after losing a UDRP with their tail between their legs…


  2. September 16, 2011

    I found some more: (STOP decision) – transfer
    New Pig Corporation v. Highlands a/k/a Inc.
    File Number: 110849 – transfer – transfer
    H.J.M. De Vries, Leidseplein Beheer B.V. v. O.E.W. van der Zwan
    Case No. D2004-0174 – denied
    NAF, Inc. v., Inc.
    File Number: 93681 – withdrawn
    File Number: 114361 (STOP decision) – denied
    Kingfisher International P/L Streaker Promotions
    File Number: 110796

    • Nat permalink*
      September 16, 2011

      Thanks Peter.

      Great finds! How did you find all these cases?

      I’ll add them to the post.


  3. September 18, 2011

    I already knew As I intend to write in this topic in my blog as well, I did some additional research at for popular pets.

    • Nat permalink*
      September 19, 2011

      Excellent research. Thanks again for sharing. I’ve finished updating the post with the cases you found.

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