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2014 April 21
by Nat

HBO is the proud new owner of the domain name. is now the home of the faux corporate website for Pied Piper, the fictional start-up company in HBO’s new comedy, “Silicon Valley”.  Last night’s episode has the team brainstorming ridiculous names as they try to come up with an alternative to the Pied Piper name.  One thing that rings true – all the team members recognize the critical importance of finding the perfect name for their company, even if it means overdosing on hallucinogenic mushrooms for inspiration.  Even if you don’t have HBO, you can check out the first episode for free on YouTube.

HBO acquired the 1996 registered domain from the original owner last year with the help of Markmonitor.  The original owner lived in Hamelin, Germany, the source of the nearly thousand year-old tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, and had a website with information about the region around Hamelin at

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